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Employment as a doctoral candidate or teaching / research assistant

Employment as a PhD candidate or teaching / research assistant: New employment model

Below are basic principles, parameters, Q&A, and documents that provide an overview for doctoral candidates and teaching / research assistants and serve as a guideline for supervisors and recruiters when hiring. 

On August 29, 2023, the Extended Executive Board of the University approved a completely revised set of regulations on the general outline of rights and responsibilities of the faculties for teaching / research assistants and doctoral candidates (Regulations on the general outline of rights and responsibilities), which will come into effect on January 1, 2024. The regulations of rights and responsibilities include provisions on employment, in particular on the share of tasks and working hours, of holders of junior academic positions, which apply to the entire university. For postdocs and senior teaching and research assistants, the previous regulations on the outline of rights and responsibilities of the faculties for holders of junior academic positions (only available in German: Reglement über die Rahmenpflichtenhefte der Fakultäten für die Inhaberinnen und Inhaber von Qualifikationsstelle (PDF, 130 KB) , PDF, 130 KB) remain unchanged.

The aim of the new employment model is to strengthen PhD candidates at UZH by creating clear and transparent employment conditions, especially in the area of their own research time. In order to increasingly promote research work during the qualification phase, a minimum limit for the amount of own research work (protected time) will be defined and ensured.

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